What you should know about water damage repair

There are many reasons may suffer your home from water damage and can range from mild to severe major categories of natural, plumbing and appliances Examples of each are divided into 3 levels.

Floods – Condensation – Humidity

Depending on the severity of water damage, it may be better to turn to professional help to repair water damage. If the problem is not addressed properly and thoroughly, can I be left open for invasion world class mold.

However, not only it depends on the severity water damage, but also, perhaps more importantly, the type of water. Is the damage of clean water and gray or black water?

There are three classes or levels of water types when access to water damage: drinking water and sewage.

Drinking water

O Level 1 is clear and odorless. This is usually caused by appliances lines to water supply at home. There should be no residues of any in this water.


O Level 2 is fairly clear, but it has some debris. This type of water has to be handled with caution, because it probably contains harmful bacteria. Examples are gray water sump pumps fail or when a toilet overflows.

Black water

O Level 3 is not clear water and usually has a foul odor. It is full of mold and mildew. Any damaged tube black thing needs water removed from the house and throw. This type of broken water lines comes from sewer flooding, standing water, streams, rivers, and oceans.